full name Timothy Lobertini date of birth + age Jan 27th, 1988 + 27 birthplace Chicago, IL resides in Chicago, IL occupation pretty face for onex & zeros relationship status single

biography Everyone has an origin story. Something that makes them, them. The defining arc of their lives that mold them to being the person before you. It makes them into the person who has made it through the rain to see the sunrise over the horizon. This is the origin story of Timothy James Lobertini. It began in Chicago, Ilinois on January 27th, 1988; two months premature and with underdeveloped lungs, Tim came into the world rather unexpectedly. His mother, Gracie; a nineteen year old college student and his father, James; a twenty five year old, unemployed and disabled man were not planning on children. Gracie was hopeful of her future and very inexperienced with life. She was raised sheltered and homeschooled. James had been Gracie’s first and only love. James, however; was going through a divorce at the time and had two previous children. They had been taking precautions but obviously that had not worked out for them.

As a child Tim had watched his parents struggle. Their relationship was fractured time after time. Between the drugs, the abuse and the cheating on James part there was no reason for Gracie to stay with James other than for shear fear of being alone. James held a job for no more than a couple of months at a time, he refused to become “a puppet of the government” and “fall in line like a sheep”. Gracie was the bread winner of the home and was often gone for long periods of time. At times she had to take on extra side jobs to pay the bills because her husband would take every bit of money and use it on whatever he decided took precedent over his familys welfare. Eventually the abuse turned from Gracie toward Tim. Of course that was when Gracie had enough. She began fighting back against James and eventually fighting him off wasn’t enough, she couldn’t escape the toxic relationship and it ended with her in prison and James six feet under. Tim’s fate was to be sent to live with his mother’s brother Paul, a successful house flipper.

Growing up with his uncle Paul, Tim tried to put the past behind him and enjoy spending time with a male influence that wasn’t abusive and would actually play ball with him and taught him the way of the world and how to make his mark on society. Once puberty set in Tim began feeling as if the world was bleak and miserable. His uncle chocked it up to the typical hormonal changes; teen angst is how he labeled it. Tim had begun enduring a lot of bullying. Since he wasn’t athletic or part of some clique he was treated badly. He was cursed at and many of his tormenters would spew homophobic slurs toward him. Though he wasn’t homosexual, he still took offense to the slurs and the behavior. His introversion became even worse each time he was attacked. He eventually turned towards drug abuse to feel disconnected from reality, his reality and horrible memories.

Other than the drugs, music became his escape. Tim had taken up the guitar; he bought an old acoustic guitar from a pawn shop from funds he saved up after working with his uncle on the houses he was flipping. He knew the drug use wasn’t a smart move and was trying to give him a creative outlet to avoid his split from reality via shooting shit into his veins. He wrote music, usually dark songs or love ballads to some girl he was crushing on that he wouldn’t even attempt to try to get. He viewed himself as an ugly human being that could not be loved. After a lot of talking through the situation to him, Tim played for a few of his close friends and eventually formed a now defunct garage band. They sounded like out of tune cats in heat that learned to scrape their claws over exclusively metal items. That didn’t stop them because they were all having fun and enjoying something as a whole.

After high school Tim went onto work a variety of jobs, he did lawn care for the high school football friend, flipped burgers, waited tables, passing out fliers, wearing a mascot suit; he even dabbled in male stripping for a little while to make ends meet. He was at one point homeless and living in his car while working three part time jobs. He has a slew of bad relationships under his belt; most of the women that he loved were struggling just as he was. He seemed to go for emotionally unavailable or highly promiscuous women. Currently Tim is actually quite successful, he still works a full time job working for home doing telemarketing. In his free time he and his new band are trying to get their band off the ground. They’re fairly well known in the Chicago scene but he would like them to become successful. He wants the fame but still enjoys playing regardless.

He still struggles with his past. He has been trying to understand his father and mother and the path that they had traveled. He is currently not struggling with his former eating disorder but does still partake in drug activity. Any time that Tim doesn’t spend working he spends writing music, performing, going to the gym, drinking at dive bars and tanning. He has a son, Jacob; that he raises on his own. Jacob’s mother was his best friend, the woman who caused most relationships to diminish because they thought he was in love with her. They had become intimate during a drunken night together and it nearly ruined their friendship. she left their son in his care while she explored her life and the things that she has done with it. He is still very much in love with her and misses her every day.

In the past couple of months Tim learned that seven years prior he had created life with a young girl named Cady. The pair met when she was at a show of his. The two of them hung out while his friend Mark hooked up with her best friend. At the time he was under the assumption that Cady was at least twenty one years old. She was only seventeen at the time and now that he knows this information he feels like a pervert and a pedophile. Cady only came to him to tell him they had a daughter together because her grandmother no longer wanted to raise the child and Cady had no interest in being a mother. After the paternity test results came about he petitioned for full custody and now raises both his six year old daughter Brittani and one year old son Jacob on his own.

Tim has a lot of artistic talent. He enjoys quiet times in as well as a hearty night on the town. He's a heavy drinker and drug abuser but he tries to hide his harder addictions from the people around him. He’s thrifty and enjoys spending time in second hand stores. He loves everything vintage and nostalgic. One of his favorite television shows is Rehab Addict because he enjoys Nicole Curtis’ restoration to old historic homes. He feels that people need to stop destroying the old with new “improvements”. He is an animal lover, he refuses to walk into a pet store because he’s afraid that he will go in over his head and adopt more animals than he can take care of. It is the same reason why he won’t volunteer with local animal rescues. He guards himself around people, once you’ve broken through his shell you’re either there forever or you’ve burned the bridge to ever gain access again.

family & friends James Lobertini (deceased) Father, murdered by mother. Gracie Lobertini (47) Mother, incarcerated for murder of James Lobertini. Joseph Lobertini (8) Eldest son, they are slowly growing a bond. Brittani Lobertini (6) Daughter, she is his little princess. Jacob Lobertini (1) Son, apple of his eye. Chastety Richards High school girlfriend, mother of Joseph. Cady Nelson One night stand resulting in the birth of his daughter. Gina Laurenti Ex-girlfriend, on/off fling, mother of Jacob. Des Witten Ex-girlfriend, friend, they broke up amicably. Peyton Russell Former roommate/Former lover. Lexia Mess Former lover, friend. Blake Coolbaugh Bandmate and friend. Cody Hendrix Bandmate and friend. Mark Feerick Frenemy. Craig OConnor Friend. Jamie Feerick Former friend/Frenemy. Joselyn Garcia Current lover, friend, hopeful new girlfriend.

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